After Shopping Soap™

Holy hand wash set including 1 printed glass bottle [200 ml] and 1 l refill container of finest soap [hemp seed oil & nutmeg scent].

Strictly limited to 50 pieces.

Shipping in December 2022
EUR 66.6 [EUR 13.32 per refill]

Product Details

This time we are but a vessel: the spirits have led us to create the first soap to cleanse your consciousness. Wash thy hands in innocence with one of our After Shopping Soap™ holy hand wash sets, strictly limited to 50 pieces, each blessed with one drop of actual holy water.

1 liter of naturally scented soap [hemp seed oil & nutmeg] in a recyclable refill container meets divinely printed 200 ml glass bottle for long-lasting forgiveness.

One container lasts for 5 refills.

Celebrating The Prophetal Artisans

Craftsmanship is essential to humanity. With this special product bundle, we want to celebrate a diversity of artisanal (im)perfection.

The blowing of the glass bottles, the fine print on the flasks, the packaging, the blending of the right ingredients to create the liquid soap, the 3D modeling and rendering of the astonishing visuals and the creative writing you’re reading here.

We put a lot of effort to manufacturing all assets that accompany the limited pieces. What you are about to purchase is made by hand, analogue and digital.


Thou shalt not shop in excess

Thou shalt not worship hype

Thou shalt not fall for sales

Thou shalt not return your orders

Thou shalt not buy only to resell

Honor thy delivery people

Thou shalt repair your goods

Thou shalt support local businesses

Thou shalt not get into debt

Thou shalt not exalt thyself through thy possessions

Indulgence As A Service

Indulgence, a perfect word creation to describe and nail down all aspects of this very product. It can mean a lot of things – and all of these come true within the bundle:
Luxury and Pleasure, Forbearance and Hindsight, the act of overconsumption or the act of remission of punishment or granting a favour.

Artisanal perfection meets biblical perception to inspire you of relearning habits, questioning routines. The value lies in the daily usage and depth of thought. bubbleplastic™ partnered with higher spirits to bring you this bundle of anti-product-products: After Shopping Soap™ – the holy handwash.

Forgiveness As An NFT

Looking for a quick, cheap and convenient solution to redeem yourself from your shopping sins after your Black Week shopping frenzy? We might have just the thing for you: The bubbleplastic™ indulgence letter as NFT.

Now only EUR 6,66.

NFT owners gain access to our exclusive bubbleplastic™ benefits community and automatically enter our raffle to win an After Shopping Soap™ set at the release event on 11/25 in Hamburg.


No returns.


fine glass bottle & 100% natural liquid soap

Limited Quantity

Edition of 50

True Craftsmanship

Handmade in Germany

Care Instructions

Stop the water while soaping

Further Instructions

Please see 10 commandments

The official Playlist

This product has been conceptualized by bubbleplastic™ in 2021 and released in 2022.

It’s a non-collaboration between higher spirits and bubbleplastic™.

Pictures and 3D renderings by bubbleplastic™

This edition is a one time exclusive, limited to a maximum of 50 pieces.

Stop worshopping.